Armoring Solutions

Armoring Specifications

Transparent Armor (Glass areas)

Glass will be removed and replaced with curved bullet-resistant transparent armor multi-layer glass and polycarbonate inner layer to prevent spalling upon ballistic impact. The transparent armor will be and contoured to retain the appearance of the original glass. The glass will be tinted to match unless otherwise specified.


Doors, pillar posts, side panels, kick-panels, firewall, and headers, cargo area, rear wheel arches, and rear cargo doors will all be armored with Armormax® ballistic composite material or ballistic steel in accordance with defined standard of defeat. Elitus® overlap system around each window will be used throughout the vehicle to ensure complete protection.


Armored with Armormax® ballistic composite material or ballistic steel specifications for Level B6 protection at a 45 degree angle. Sunroof (if present) will be made inoperable.


Floor areas will be armored with multi-ply rigid ballistic fragmentation material combined with Armormax® PAC | 00 molded to form fit contours of floorboards and panels. Protection of the floor against the explosion of grenades (single German DM51 or US M-67). Multi-ply ballistic nylon w/ Armormax® PAC100 molded to form fit contours of floorboards and panels.

Vehicle Structured Modifications

Reinforcement of pillar posts and hinge mounts, high pressure heavy duty shocks, and suspension upgrades as required to maintain original appearance and maneuverability to include: HD torsion bars, HD sway bars, high tension coil/leaf springs and polyurethane bushings.

Perry Wright
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More Armor Options

Concealed Front and Rear Ram Bumpers

Reinforces the front and rear bumper from the event of attack protecting the tires as well as allowing the vehicle to ram

Operable Windows

Ballistic glass to be made operable 8-10" based on model of vehicle

Road Tack Dispensing System

Switch activated. Sends dozens of tacks released behind the vehicle, causing damage to pursuing vehicles. Tacks are around 3-5" each and drop once activated from the switch

Electric Shock Door Handle

All handles on the doors will be installed with an electronic shock system. When turned on, it can give a 110 volt shock to anyone who grabs the handle - low amp high voltage. Switch activated

Smoke Screen

Switch activated. Puts out a cloud of smoke behind the vehicle to deter would-be pursuers

Dual Battery System

Secondary battery system for backup support

Optima Ballistic Cell Battery

Replace original battery with dry cell high performance. No additional armor protection required

External Listening Device

A system which allows passengers inside to more clearly hear sounds that are occurring outside of the vehicle

Siren PIA Intercom System

A device that makes a loud, prolonged sound as a signal or warning (similar to an ambulance, fire truck or police vehicle). Allows external communication without lowering window or opening door

Fixed Radiator Protection

Mounted in front of the radiator and behind grill. Same level as vehicle